Well hello there

It’s Spring Fall cleaning this year. I’d like you all to give a round of applause to Lucy, who made it possible for me to actually sign in to anything with a password again. Lucy’s blog’ll be over there somewheres once I update. Soonish. Promise.

“Rigorous Applause”

There’s a post tomorrow. I also seem to have been banned from Feministe. I’m (admittedly) slightly irritated, but not particularly surprised at this point. The sites’ been on its way to hell in a handbasket for quite a while now.  Some of the guest posters’ pieces are Quite Good – which is why I’m surprised they’ve agreed to write there, and the only reason I still drop by every once in a while.

I …dislike being dropped in the spam folder. So I wrote a post with both my deleted comments. (I actually had three deleted, but as I’ve never been shoved in spam before, nor had anyone there ever, including in the post in question, accused me of being disingenious / a troll, for some godforsaken reason I didn’t think to copy my comment beforehand. So now it’s lost to the ether. Worked hard on it, too. Piss, moan and whine.

But yes, Fall cleaning. Blogs and such will be updated within the next week.


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